Dr Jai Ranjan Ram, Co-founder of MHF Kolkata, speaks on how a parent should react to a student’s board examination results


  • Be careful about how you respond to your child’s results. Do not say anything which may hurt them, if they have not done as well as expected. Remember you have the responsibility of looking after a child, who is a lot more than his/her marksheet.
  • Praise and review the effort, not the results. If he has not done well, discuss how it can be improved in future.
  • Do not jump into a critical review immediately. Life goes on, exams happen and there are many more milestones to achieve. Your immediate response will be etched in his mind for a long time. Remember that.
  • Attend to his/her feelings, NOT yours.
  • Hug them tightly if they have done well. Hug them even more tightly, if they did not do so well.