Mental Health Foundation

In 2010, Dr. Jai Ranjan Ram and Mrs. Sreemoyee Sen Ram founded Mental Health Foundation (MHF), Kolkata, to address the growing mental health needs in the city, that would cater to such needs in children, adolescents and adults. In our organisation we have professionals from the fields of Psychiatry, Social Care, Psychology, Special Education, Speech and Language Therapy and Pediatric Physiotherapy providing evidence based Mental Health and Social Care services and training.

The team members have worked with each other in different settings from 2004, however service delivery was fragmented. Working together at the MHF allows for smoother delivery of assessment, treatment and training programs.

The approach at MHF for diagnosis and treatment is multi-disciplinary. A client can visit multiple professionals for a comprehensive and holistic assessment and intervention. A key area of our work is to partner with non-government organisations for training support on Mental Health issues and Child Protection.

The team of professionals and consultants are equipped to handle learning, emotional, behavioural and developmental issues in childhood and psychological and psychiatric problems in adulthood and elderly population. They draw on several years of experience in diverse settings – in institutional and community care, in clinical and non-clinical settings such as schools and parent organisations. Many members of the team have international training and experience in their areas of specialty. A strong foundation in social work, mental health & education and the latest research inform all their initiatives. The team is always trying to demystify Mental Health and Social Care while reaching out to the wider community.

What We Do

Clinic-Based Services

Comprehensive clinic-based services for diagnosis, assessment, counseling and treatment.
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Outreach Services

School and Community based workshops for parents, care-givers, educators and professionals.
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Child Protection

Children suffering from abuse and exploitation needs support to deal with their trauma.
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Capacity Building

MHF works closely with civil society organisations in conducting customised training programmes.
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