Observership Opportunities

Mental Health Foundation offers one month Observership opportunities to Masters Students of Psychology where in, this observership is a part of their course curriculum.


10:30am to 5:30pm from Monday to Saturday.

For front line workers/those working directly with vulnerable children and adolescents
  • Recognising of handling Mental Health Problems
  • Coping with trauma
  • Life Skills
  • Communicating with other key actors (dealing with communities, local self government bodies, law enforcing agencies)
  • Care for care givers (stress and anger management, time and resource management)

As an organisation, Mental Health Foundation, is firmly committed to training and teaching. We do accept a very limited number of Clinical Observers, when they are recommended by their parent organisation. We do not charge any fees for their placements.

What you are expected to do?
  • Report on time
  • Maintain strict confidentiality
  • Maintain a time & case observation log
  • Regular attendance and absenceis permitted only in case of medical emergency or if informed before joining
  • Masters students must have an understanding of case history taking
  • Participate in case discussions
  • Participate in test administration & scoring
  • Write a feedback for us
What will you get out of this Obervership?
  • Opportunity to attend session with our multi-disciplinary team of Clinical psychologists, Special educators, Speech-language therapist and Paediatric Physiotherapist.
  • Participate in case discussions, observe test administrations and parent interviewing/case history taking.
  • Only after successful completion of the one month obervership, you get a letter of completion from the team. In case of partial completion, letter willnot be provided.