Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Parmeet Soni, specialising in ‘behavioural parent training’ for children with ADHD, gives parental tips to tackle issues of an ADHD child


Here are a few tips, Parmeet Soni would like to share with parents of children with ADHD:

  • When communicating with the child, make sure the child is fully attentive. You can gain your child’s attention by taking his/her name before giving the instruction. You could gently tap the child’s shoulder or position yourself in a manner, where you are facing the child while talking.
  • Instructions given to the child need to be short and specific. For example: ‘Get your school bag and the blue bottle from your room.’
  • There needs to be a structure and routine at home. Establish simple and clear rules in the house. The rule must be consistent over time and corroborated by all the adults in the family.
  • When teaching the child at home, keep a dedicated study time and incorporate breaks in study plan. Reduce distractions in child’s work space.
  • Work with smaller targets. Make the goal easier to reach, for the child to experience the satisfaction/ pleasure of task completion. Praise the child when they do so.
  • In the dedicated study time avoid giving breaks for restroom, drinking water and eating.
  • Avoid engaging in conversations and arguments during work. Avoid critical comments, raising voices and disrespectful comments.
  • Encourage your child to pursue a sport they are interested in. Part-taking in activities will allow to expend their energy and help in boosting their self-esteem.